Friday, 22 July 2011

Mosaics Of Daily Life

Mosaics on Port road, Adelaide
The foundations of our life are set by our actions and words, and influenced by others. With this blog I will challenge myself to portray the daily mess, the grind and the joy of my life. Pieces of life are revealed through  interaction and sharing.  I have found so many before with the generosity of spirit whom share their life and endeavours, each piece connects with the last to form the mosaic which is our life.

What brings joy in my life? Some think this may be a simple question but often the answer is the most unlikely.
By definition joy  is something which gives an uplifting experience, perhaps a quickening of heart beat, a smile and laughter. A feeling of elation after completion of a task or struggle. So is the answer to this partially the result of blood, sweat and tears or luck of interaction and pleasure derived from others.

I hope to share my joy in a small way through colour and vibrancy of arts and craft,   my surrounding environment and the people with whom I interact and the questions they pose in my life

Bluey Burst : Oil, 2010 Monique Smith- (international copyright)
This painting was a second in a series that was inspired by a Jill, a colleague at work whom was investigating the effects of iron supplementation pre and post operative bowel surgery. Her work lead her to utilize photos of red blood cells and which became imprinted in my mind.. Red blood cells floating between vessel layers become the rock embedded in soil layers separated by vessel or core and delineated from the storm and tempest above the surface.

Rocky Dream, oil 2010 Monique Smith (international copyright)
Rocky Dream is the original oil painting, a little messy and simplified layers of soil. I took photos of galcial rock at HalletCove and Marino Rocks in South Australia to obtain ideas colour and tone. Below are a few of the snaps that are reflected in the paintings

 a mosaic I picked up at  an Op shop for $6

Thanks and enjoy the day. Monique                            All photos and pictures international copyright

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