Thursday, 28 July 2011

Who Gives A Hoot?

Who Gives A Hoot?

Lodging my second diatribe on the net has left me to wonder who would really want to read this and what content should I include that might be of worth or value. As I ponder this my admiration for those that contrive to write has increased, gaining a new found respect for their organized thoughts and the ability to think creatively.
That said who gives a hoot?

Luckily I don't rely upon my ability to express myself for a living but am able to pursue more favourable time wasting activities (other than my children) in the crafting arena. Thank God I don't rely upon my voice to get by as I sing one line wonders at work to the patients, a captive audience is always good - one that is tied to the bed by intravenous lines and drains.
I think the only time I have ever really been complimented for my singing was in my early twenties when travelling in the back of station-wagon on the way to the beach and Rod Stewart was singing " I am Sailing". I'm sure to this day that Juli, my dear friend, is as tone deaf as I am, or was just being extremely nice. Anyway it hasn't stopped me from singing and I would encourage anybody to do so. Think of all the positive endorphins that are released and how much you can really annoy the older siblings by raising your voice.
Singing loudly also enables you to drown out anybody else that that is singing off key, this is particularly useful in church where the choir is made up of old biddies whom cant sing. I can still see my mothers horrified face when I told her the same as I belted out really loud songs.

Kirsty my friend and I have recently put our hand up to assist and run the local  school craft stall for the annual fete. The title of angel has be fallen on Kirsty's head as she has enlisted her help there before and on this occasion without ever having children attend the school. This is the first year my children are no longer attending primary school and I must admit we did say no twice before accepting the challenge.. only because we felt sorry for them- no else put their hand up. THIS IS THE LAST TIME!
That said we have madly began producing goods for sale and with this began one of my first serious searches of the  internet crafting scene. I have since become a fan of several sites and have fallen in love with crotchet, particularly that produced by Attic 24.

 Matilda is particularly thrilled  to wear these crotchet beads, all she wanted to do was eat them. I know these beads will sell really well at a bargain basement price (somebody will invariably complain they are too expensive ) but each ball took between 20-30 minutes to produce. I  did get faster as I got more practised!
Oh the love of craft. The crotchet balls can be found on Greedy For Colour Blog

Following a theme and local trends for birds, in particular owls I have amassed a flock of owls for your viewing pleasure . Easier to produce and Id say more profitable

I'll write up pattern for owl in coming week and post next week
Thanks for joining me and enjoy the day!  Monique.

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