Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Winter's Light

 Today I drove to Port Broughton, 2 1/2 hours drive north of Adelaide to visit my brother to wish him a happy 50 th birthday. A walk around the property offered a few visual treats... The birds once again being the most spectacular. Winter's light also puts a different slant to photography and the last rays of sun shone bright today, especially making the hillside and wind farms appear more glamorous and golden than they really are, but the birds ... a little bit of extra shine and brilliance.
The visit with my brother was good too!

 Daggy sheep in the paddock.

Hawk with its prey in the next paddock, I was lucky to be able to zoom in for a shot before he flew away

Four o 'çlock sun




  1. A hawk, a parret, some fungi,
    but NO brother.

    I would have liked to see him.
    Does he look like you?

    And did you drive back home on the same day? Quite a trip.

    Your brother seems to be very lucky to live on such a big estate. Once again Australia is very alluring and tempting to me. we MUST visit it one day.

    Like your last picture: the colours, the clouds, everything!

  2. happy birthday to your brother, he lives in such a lovely place. I love how quiet the photos feel :)


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