Monday, 6 July 2015

Colour My July

Another brilliant winter sky taken from my front yard, so you have to look beyond the roof tops to appreciate the sky above the ocean. Had I known it was going to be such a spectacular sky i would have jumped in the car and admired the beauty down at the beach.

Remember my op shop finds? My two bedside tables have been completed by my lovely father. I went and got glass cut straight away for the tops (if left to my devices I would ruin the tops within weeks with my endless cups of tea and the amount of splashing and slopping I do). The glass tops cost twice as much as the cupboards did.
 Mid afternoon and already the sun is low in the sky.

Another mild evening and a flock of galahs are visiting in the neighbouring tree.

Based on the sunset from the previous night I quickly headed to the beach to see what would evolve in the evening sky. Nice but not as spectacular as before.

On Saturday I went to Willunga Markets. I waited for 10 minutes for a hot cup of coffee with many other lovers of hot coffee in the early morning.Jordy made an interesting observation that the whole process would have been made far quicker if they had a larger jug to heat the  milk in - sensible girl should have offered her pointer but remained humble pie to the humble ground crew. Worth the wait anyway because whilst I was waiting I spied this colourful make and had to have a chat with its owner. Some would even say this is a very dachshundie styled bag!

 Love the herbed bouquets

And lastly a glimpse at what I've started on - my tissue box quilt (Its actually bigger than this already but to show you would require downloading yet another batch of photos off of my phone and I really cant be bothered..look on instagram (moniquesmith64) if you want to see more of the quilt in progress.

Thats it from me except to say I have almost completed my second pair of socks...although I did run out of one colour and hence made the second sock different to the first. Oh well ... playing yarn chicken has its pitfalls. See you soon. Cheers Monique


  1. Such lovely Winter colour. So much more colourful than my neck of the woods. Those bedside tables are cool. Did you stitch your quilt?? Love the print/painting on the this by your clever hands?? Your tissue box quilt is fabulous....again your wonderful eye for colour has come to the fore. All those triangles and points.....'tis a wee bit clever you are, Monique.

  2. playing yarn chicken is the spice of life! Lately around here we have to wait for everything. I remember before the recession when our dollar spending was valuable. Now we wait...Lovely market that you went to :)


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