Saturday, 27 June 2015

Unusually Light!

I'm starting this post with the very last photo I took on the way home from my walk, sometimes you save the best till last but sometimes it is just an appetiser for things to come.
I must say that the light tonight was just spectacular.
We have just had winter solstice and yet the days are so clear (cold and a tiny bit bitey but not the deluge kind of weather that we normally have for June- you might say unseasonably warm for this time of year
I started my walk just before 4 oclock, so the sun was already winding up for the day and casting long strong shadows across the hills.

The barbed wire takes on a vibrancy of its own in this light

The purple vines twisting their way through the gum trees reflect the light and stand out amongst the gum leaves

These ballerinas flash their pink tutus in the sun, Legs up girls!~

Sour green and grey, a stand out combination at anytime.

Even the blackened branches and remaining gum nuts stand out in the ethereal light

Golden wattle and a flash in the pan - capturing the wildlife was difficult tonight

hiding high in the leaves

or obscured from sight

I have walked this park many times but veered off the normal paths I take and went slightly further afield to be surprised by this hanging/ weeping eucalyptus tree. A few spectacular branches hanging down with lovely yellow flowers beginning to bloom. It almost has a bridal feel about it. I took lots of photos but culled it down to a few for you.

More photos of lovely light

Cheers Monique x

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  1. As ever gorgeous photos, Monique but I must say that glorious sunset takes the prize, 'tis gloriously spectacular!


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