Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Dyeing along with natural dyes

So it has been a little quiet on the bloggy front. I imagine we all go through phases where the impetus to write is not there and things just fall into a lull. Sometimes it is like that with creative flow and the urge to produce wanes. Mind you this is rarely a problem, as I always have a backlog of things that I wish to do. Sometimes I plan to start one thing and instead fall into another project without thinking it through.
It seems to me that once I start dyeing wools, I can't resist starting a project to utilise them.. Hence yet another hooked project started on impulse, just because some yarn came in out from the cold and hung in my room for less than one day.
I have managed to finish the second top (to match the first Pillow I did.) The one hanging in the first picture is not complete, but having tried to take a photo at night with flash did not produce a nice quality picture. That top was finished last week and is still waiting to be sewn into a cushion... and still I started another project!

This time the wool is thicker - a 8 ply I think and makes a bigger square.
I am using a 1970's Vogue crochet pattern , the square is designed for a baby blanket  in finer cotton . I think it comes up a treat in a bigger hook.

I must say I am jolly pleased with purple carrots! I have extracted such a range of colours from them. It may be due to the length of time spent on the stove top cooking, or soaking time or due to the different wools and manufacturing additives or just the type of pan I cooked it in (aluminum or steel)- alum is a mordant or the containers I let the wool and dye mixture rest in (honey and yoghurt containers- both which also can react with dyes) Whatever the reason the colour range has been fun to watch.

The skein on the left appears almost grey with a hint of purple and on the right a stunning magenta.

Top left : purple carrot- first batch
Top right : purple carrot - first batch second night, reheated dye
Bottom left : acorn dye
Bottom right : pomegranate dye

Tomorrow, if I have time, I will complete my second pillow and plod along with my crochet or knitting depending on the whim that takes me.

Hoping all is well with you and big hugs to Kim and husband xxx


  1. I have never heard of purple carrots. Are they carrots at all or is it something else?
    The magenta is magnificent.

    I must say the urge to dye some yarn gets bigger and bigger. My aunt Irene has asked me to visit her and dye some sheepwol together with her but her yarn is much thicker than yours. Perhaps I'd better take my own wool with me and dye that one in stead of the sheep's wool.

    My holidays will start by the end of the week. Thank God for that. At last I can start some projects now.

    I am very curious about the progress in your wooly squares. Will they become a blanket?
    I'll see it on IG and hear about it here, won't I?

    Have a nice day today!

    1. Your Aunty's wool should be fine to dye, you could even felt it when you have finished and make all sorts of wonderous things. I love the colours that your aunt produces for you. If you bring other wool just throw it in the pot with hers.
      Happy holidays, you must be so excited to have the pleasure of enjoying those sunshine filled days
      Wooly squares will be one of those long haul projects , as I find wool I will dye it and crochet squares on the go.
      Envying you your imminent holidays. Cheers Monique x

  2. you have so many talents! Love the colors that you extracted from nature and of course the lovely stitching :)

    1. Thanks Karen, I can happily say the same back at you~! No lack of talent on your behalf. Have a lovely sunshine filled day!

  3. Beautiful, lovely colors!

  4. Thanks is always a surprise to see the results of a dyepot


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