Friday, 26 June 2015

Sock Finish

Following on from the last blog post I thought I would actually show a comparison of the colours obtained from the purple carrot. When you look at the carrot it actually almost looks black and when cut bleeds a dark purple juice, they are dark purple the whole way through. It is only recently that these heritage carrots have started appearing in the greengrocers. I think that as more people are steering to vegetarian/vegan diets the variety of vegetables grown for market has increased. (They have always been around and as my friend informed me the purple colour was bred out of the carrots) Other than the colour I can say I am not at all attracted to the taste of these carrots, they are strong and almost bitter. I will save them for dyeing and at least I wont have to race my children to them, as all have vetoed them because of their flavour.

 Squares so far

And 21 weeks later a pair of socks is finally finished!
I actually have made three socks because I introduced the wrong colour purple in to one of them and decided I might as well finish that sock and match them up later. So. so far we have one pair and the promise of a second pair.
My mother has very quickly nabbed these to take to Holland with her. They are just a tiny bit short in the toe department for me and fit her perfectly.- they have happily been adopted. The second pair I have adjusted for the largeness of my foot (size 12 womens, 44 US= that is nothing to brag about but at least I am well grounded!)

Not perfect by any means but I am happy to be finished/


  1. I do like your socks!! I'm very keen to try to knit some myself, and I like the look of your heel. Some of the patterns look quite complicated for a novice sock knitter like me. Could you tell me where you got the pattern from please?
    Jenny from New Zealand.

    1. Sock pattern by Laura linnerman at

  2. You know I have never knitted socks, I must knit some. Yours stripey ones are so colourful and cheerful. It is probably a good thing you knitted an extra know how socks seem to disappear into thin air, never to be seen again.

  3. Beautiful beautiful socks, you did it!!! I knew you could :)


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