Saturday, 6 June 2015

Subtle Colours Crochet

To anybody who follows me on IG - I apologise for the repeat photos. I find that IG is easy for sharing in the moment and when I do finally get to the blog I repeat myself photographically. I like utilising the square shaped photos - already cropped and sometimes (hahhem) digitally enhanced in colour. Most of the time I leave my photos in their natural state because I like to try to represent true colour. If I have played with the photo it is generally to give truer representation of colour than what I was able to obtain photographically.  Does that make sense?

So back to this blogpost. My previously dyed - eco dyed wools have been screaming at me for attention. I have tried to ignore them as I plod along and make my socks that I started months ago. I have actually made two socks, but of course they dont match? How is that? Well, silly duffer here, picked up the wrong colour purple and made two striped socks with differing hues of purple. So now I have two more socks to make to make two pairs. (Photos another time)

Tantalised as I was,  it wasn't until I spent the day in bed fighting off a sore throat and headache that I decided to crochet with my eco dyed yarns.
Once I started I couldn't stop. Well  I did to do the shopping and stop and have a coffee with mum and dad (but I did take my crochet as you see below) Talk and crochet go well together.

A little break out in the sunshine to photograph my progress

And a day  and a half after commencement  I have gotten this far.
Whilst dropping my daughter off to work at the  Edge cafe, I decided to stop at the beach for a quick pictorial snap.
The sandy tones meld in perfectly with the muted colours.
So my next question is... do I have enough wool to make a bag or do I stick with making a pillow or two.
If I make a pillow I really need to go one more row to make a 40x40 size...thats nine more flowers and matching squares  or risk  not making a complete bag  in the yarns available. I could dye more yarn but it never works out the same colour twice...nature is funny that way with eco dyes.
Any opinions??


  1. I love the soft shades in your wool and the flower pattern, but I've no advice about cushions. If you're afraid of not having enough yarn for a complete bag maybe you could make the back from a completely different material, for example woven cotton, maybe with a crocheted flower inset. Good luck; I'm sure whatever you decide will be wonderful.

    1. Hi Marly, since posting this I have almost made another row for a 5x5 block and have run out of the darker purple the yellow/brown and the pinky cream..really not a lot left of anything ...So it looks like it will be a cushion. I have dyed more yarn but though I have used the same berry the colour purple has come out more maroon than purple, not at all in keeping with the colours here...another project ,maybe I will plan for a bag.

  2. I doesn't matter that I saw your pictures already on IG. I like to look at them twice (and more)
    the colour thing that you've got with pictures and real life colours makes perfectly sense to me. I got the same issue.

    Your crocheted flowers are "perfection". This is the work of a great artist. If they were mine, I would definitely go for a second colouring with new yarn. Nothing as beautiful as colours shifting shade just one tone. You could use the newly dyed yarn for a big border of another 20 flowers. Your cushion would be bigger. 40 x 40 is not impressive enough for such a pretty a work.
    GO BIG, Monique, that 's the way we know you!

    Have a nice sunday (or what is left of it on your side of the planet)

    1. Hey Brigitte, we have a long weekend to celebrate the Queens birthday (which is in April I think) not that it makes any difference to me as I work every Sunday. So I did enjoy my morning before work...resting in bed with a cup of tea and crochet... what more could a girl want.

      The crochet is going to be a cushion because I am running out of many of the colours and the new ones I have dyed are really different ( not just by one shade) So they will be ear marked for another project and I will be able to finish this one without having to play to much yarn chicken. 5x5 pattern wise is a decent cushion but not as huge as you might imagine. I will measure it tomorrow after work and let you know.

      Enjoy the sunshine and your adoring cats. :)

  3. gorgeous gorgeous flowers and the why they compliment each other side by side!

    1. Hi karen, almost done ... will finish it these coming days off. Cheers Monique

  4. Hello Monique,
    I have recently discovered your blog. I am glad you repeat the photos here because I don't do Instagram at the moment. I love the photos of local bird life that you have posted on your blog too.

  5. Hi Jodie, hope you enjoy your visits, dont ever worry about not seeing enough photos - cause I take a lot of them and generally only publish a few on instagram.. you just get to see some first on IG. Hope you come back again. I will try to visit your blog if you have one in the coming week, cheers Monique


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