Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Stitching Angels

Wish. Everybody should occasionally wish...make plans and dream of things that could be. Small ideas, worked upon can make those dreams come true, A fulfilment of what is your wish?

This is a stitchery I drew a few years ago and have only this week started. I thought I would make a Christmas quilt featuring in angels. The first is WISH. I wont show the entire panel but will give you snippets of it. I have joined a stitching group which meet once a month and had to find a project to do. I dont want to spend a lot of money on stitchery patterns and thought I might as well create my own.
Despite having my own patterns and threads I still managed to out lay considerable funds on a new hoop and wonderweft to back my fabric, and of course a few extra colours to add to the collection.

Well hopefully my stitching will become more uniform but for now I am enjoying the process of sitting and sewing. It is fun to see a drawing come to life with coloured thread
Second panel started...PEACE


  1. Replies
    1. Thanjs Sandra, Im really enjoying the stitching and have taken to sorting my floss box. Crazy I know, but I cant help but fall in love with all the colour.

  2. I can't tell you my wish, won't come true. =) Very sweet stitcheries. I love the colours of the threads. Of course you designed your own, I would expect nothing less from you. They are so very pretty. How fun to have joined a group of stitching ladies; behave yourself now!

    1. The group I stitch with is called the backstitchers, but Kirstie my friend calls it stitch and bitch....none of the ladies are but they do enjoy a good natter! PS may all your wishes come true.

  3. I think your stitching is perfect. I can tell you my wish--I wish my kids lived closer. I doubt that I will get that wish so I wish for me to gracefully accept where they live :) That is a challenge as well.


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