Saturday, 5 March 2016

Summers End

The last day of summer saw it come to a dramatic end here in Adelaide. A humid yet hot day came to a close with darkening skies and the intermittent rumble of clouds clashing in the distance. I watched the clouds thicken and grey on the beach at Somerton as my daughter trained with the surf life saving team. It promised to rain with the look of these thick dark clouds but alas nothing that afternoon. An hour later after training and having served dinner I looked out to see a dramatic yellow sky. I grabbed the camera and headed to the beach in the car - all the time cussing the slow drivers impeding my journey - I could see this most spectacular sky but couldn't photograph it! I arrived at last light. Raiin drifts sweeping across the ocean and the occassional flash of lighting.  Another photographer arrived at Kingston Park look out , he  was better prepared for night photography coming with stand in  hand.

I did profess to be more of a point and shoot kind of gal and proceeded to take a few quick snaps and play with the knobs on my camera (namely setting it to night photography)  No stand and delayed shutter speed - grainy photographs, but I quite like the effect.

This is the view over Seacliff and Brighton Beaches over looking the caraban park.
The Brighton jetty is at the furtherest point

The Kingston Park lookout

And the storm rolling over the ocean


  1. I have always loved Summer storms after a hot day. You have done it again, Monique; your photos are stunning. I rather like that grainy photo, 'tis terribly dramatic.

  2. Quite a storm
    and such a pity that there is no way to capture it in pictures, eh? I Always find my pictures rather disappointing when I take a look at them afterwards.
    Do you experience the same feeling?

    1. Thanks for saluting my mum (sounds very solemn)
    2. I have to confess something: I kind of copied your latest blue cushion. (thank god I made it in red, but I am afraid the general idea is quite alike, sorry, dear, won't do it again.... unles you 'd create something as beautiful again :) )

  3. beautiful sky views!! we are starting to see signs of spring here and it's more than welcome!!


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