Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fete Produce - 1 - Fairy Halo




Wire length  approximately 70cm
tulle approximately 1 metre in any colour , can be scraps
flowers and ribbon if desired to decorate
wire cutters
tape - can be sticky tape

Cut approximate length of wire. Form a circle of  about 60cm. Use a small bucket/ plastic bowl to form circle if you are not confident, but it doesn't have to be a perfect circle. The circle will likely fit your head (although I do have a large head)

Twist wire ends over each other to secure circle. Tape ends down to protect little heads
cut strips of tulle approximately 2-3 cm wide (Not an exacting science)
Grasp wire circle (I hold between my knees) and knot tulle to circle (half granny knot- one end through the other and pull tight). To be economical with your tulle knot near the ends leaving about 5cm tab hanging off.
Don't bother cutting individual ties-  work a bunch of tulle ribbons 5-10 and the cut tails to desired length
Tie away until circle full of tulle

I usually work a base colour and add a contrast later every 4-5 knots, just push your base colour aside and work contrast between.
trim ends and shape
Add ribbon flowers and ribbon as desired
Organza also looks good as a contrast.

Now for the school fete just make twenty!!!! ugh!

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