Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fete Produce - 2 - Fairy Skirt


Skirt length 40cm, width dependant on elastic length used for waist band


2 meters of tulle in colour of your choice
elastic 1.5-2cm wide length  1meter (approx 50 cm for each skirt)
variegated sewing thread
sewing machine
overlocker if you have it
safety pin

The tulle I used came in a width of approximately 180cm wide when opened up. Leave folded in half
If making fairy halo I cut a strip from the folded edge the complete length of the material to use as contrast in the halo. (Cut 5cm from the folded edge - opens up to 10cm wide)
You'll be left with 2 pieces around 85 cm length x 2 metre wide
Satin stitch edges top and bottom of each width in variegated thread(or over-lock using rolled hem in variegated thread)
fold in half so hemmed edges line up. Length will measure about 40-45 cm. x 2 meters
Sew a line 2cm from the folded edge of tulle the width of the skirt (2m) starting about 5cm in and finnishing 5 cm from the end. You can satin stitch this edge if you wish - I do on my over-locker
Join the circle of tulle together matching these ends opened up, this way the seam will sit in the middle of the skirt and not against the skin.
thread  the elastic using a safety pin through the gap left. sew ends together then complete by finishing the
waist band.

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