Friday, 5 August 2011

Insidious C

Coldness by Monique Smith 

C is without a doubt the ugliest letter in the alphabet when you couple it with "ancer".
That line .. "it's a word not a sentence" may apply to some but a full blown metastatic disease is just pure ugliness. The C word conjures up thoughts of calamity, catastrophe and chaos and eliminates calm and brings on the chemotherapy. Chemotherapy in itself is a disruptive process that drags the client from pillar to post to recieve drugs and then to suffer the after math of the toxic effects of drug induced nausea vomiting rashes and pain. C is so  persistant that it rears its ugly head repeatedly despite the onslaught of drugs attempting to erradicate and diminish its spread. it is corrosive and vile eating away at its hosts to reduce the person to a shadow of the former self.
Many cir cum  to this onslaught not only in body but in spirit. Those that do fight, fight the demons of self and survive with the love and support of those held dear. So when to let go? Fight to the death or drag on until the merciful night cloaks its victim in permanent shadow.....
What follows C?

Bullshit just fight !
linoprint by Monique Smith 2009

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