Monday, 17 October 2011

Death and Taxes

The general consensus is out and its true that death and taxes are inevitable. Some are clever enough to evade the tax man but there is yet to be one to evade death. Even Jesus died before he could rise from the dead. Hopefully we will be able to die with grace and dignity surrounded be those we love.
I know its a rather morose topic but its a little close to home at the moment. Yesterday I had the priveledge to attend the funeral of  John O Callaghan, father of my brother in law Jack. It was a remarkable tribute to him and recognizing all the wonderful work in charities and  school boards and business interests in the geological field. Perhaps his greatest joy is to be found in his 6 children and the wife whom he was able to grow old with.
My heart goes out to those whom are cheated of the time to grow old with their chosen partner and see their children graduate, get married and achieve the milestones in life that we so readily take for granted.
 A recent conversation with one of my lovely elderly patients high lighted the fact that no matter what the age we all wish to cheat death. An impending death sentence no matter  who you are or how old you are, hurts all the same and presents challenges to those providing care to treat each with dignity respect and compassion, not to be dismissive and say you've had a good and long life. Who would want to resign themselves to the fact that your going to die because someone tells you so. Those that fight and strive to live definitely live longer, sometimes by sheer willpower alone. I don't mean to say that a person shouldn't be able to have adequate pain relief and prepare for death, but to live is to continue as best they can, enjoy their families and activities that make life fulfilling and not let cancer or illness define you.

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