Friday, 3 February 2012

Apple Snug

I was intent on utilizing the crotchet cottons I had purchased on my bicycle adventures some time ago, which I obtained at bargain basement prices. So my thought was to make a colourful scarf and mix colours. I had to purchase a smaller needle to accommodate the finer thread. Whilst buying a selection of needles I glanced at the price of similar cottons and almost choked- $10-$12 AU. The last time I had looked they were closer to $5-$6.
Made me feel happy that I have an abundant supply of colour waiting to be used.
Anyway I was going to make a scarf..
the pattern I thought I might utilize was out of a 1971 vogue book called Spinning Wheel
I was planning on 'bricking'the motifs so they didn't line up
This is the original pattern

I started out okay and formed the central flower in orange-yellow

But when changing colour I must have turned my work over and instead of the ensuing pattern laying flat it started to turn up. This I did not realize until later.
I really shouldn't crotchet into the wee small hours of the night!

I quite liked the scallop pattern that the edging was made from and decided to continue upwards and make a bag of some sort.
An apple bag of course.
Today is my younger sisters birthday and she will be receiving a totally frivolous apple snug. I'm sure she will appreciate it.. what woman whom turns 43 and asks for rollerblades for her birthday also wouldn't appreciate a totally silly gift? I'm sure we will both laugh while we sip champagne on her wonderful balcony over looking the farm. On that note I'll  be gone for a week staying in Canberra and Sydney part holiday part work. I will take plenty of snaps for show and tell later. Really looking forward to a catch up with little sis.

I'm still going to make the scarf. Better go shower and pack. Bye

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