Sunday, 19 February 2012

Writing about those you love

Recently my eldest son has been asked by the school to get his parents to write him a letter that he can read at the retreat that they have organised for year 12 students. The concept of letter writing  is to be a reaffirming and supportive loving gift to our children. It gives an opportunity to express ourselves to our children,  especially at an age where both parents and child struggle with communication and often argue over minor issues which become inflamed because we  lack the skill and pathways to express ourselves without heated emotion. It doesn't mean it will be any easy to say what we really feel via the pen, but it might allow some organized thought and positive affirmation of our love for our son.
My husband suggested that it would be an exercise that I would like to do, sarcastically suggesting that I had so much time on my hands. In fact the more I think about it the more I feel privileged to have an opportunity to express myself to Caleb and hope that both of us will make the effort to scribe a few words to him. It is so easy to say a few negative words, to always be correcting and to not look for the positive aspects of an individuals life.
The challenge and not a hard one will be to tell him of all the lovely things that make up his personality and enable him to shine.
My challenge this week is to say something positive to each of my family members this week and each day..besides writing a letter to my son.

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