Sunday, 15 December 2013

Baby booties - "Molly Makes" Style

Aren't these booties just the cutest! Some of the left over cottons from my wash cloths has gone into these. The pattern reasonably easy to follow and I made this little bootie whilst Jordana was at surf lifesaving this afternoon
The second boot is underway but as usual I have run out of cotton!Still need to do the detailing around the bottom of the boot and add the material trim but you get the idea dont you.

Since I participated in a Christmas wash cloth swap I have been madly making washcloths in different stitches. Going to Spotlight doesn't help - faced with all these luscious fresh colours in cottons is inspiring and I cant hlep buy few despite a basketful of leftovers.

Its a very green theme this post!

Cheers and stay well!

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  1. They look really cute!! You must be lucky to have a spotlight close y that sells a god range of cottons ....have an hour drive here and it didn't have many at all!!


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