Saturday, 21 December 2013

Crochet facial cleanser

Lovely gelati colours! A little pile of cotton freshness to wipe your blues away or clean the make up off your skin. Well that is the intended purpose for these little florets of colour.
I thought I might make some little net bags to put them into so that when you've used them you pop them into the bag and then drop the whole thing into the washing machine

They could just as easily become a string of floral bunting or decorate a Christmas present. Any way you look at it they are good way of using up the odds and ends that collect in the cotton basket.

Do you remember the tutu I made Jordy and my nieces for the Taylor Swift Red concert. Well here is a picture of my girl before the concert and on the way to the concert with the nieces

happy little campers.

Hopefully I wont be so long in blogging but work has been exhausting and sometimes you just cant be bothered trying to do it all - so I don't.
Cheers and hope you are all enjoying the season. xox Monique


  1. The cutest facial cleansers I've seen.

  2. love petal wash clothes, so many in pretty colors! I bet they had so much fun at the concert :)


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