Sunday, 1 December 2013


I've been having a little tidy and clearing spaces to make way for Christmas decorating. On the floor under my cupboard I found some of my clay decorations waiting to be finished. I grabbed some red paint and added a few details and then decided to hang them under the painting by my daughter Jordana. A little cheer for everyone. Finding joy in simple things.

I also printed up some photos for an Aunt and proceeded to utilise the card maker to produce a winter berry Christmas note with Mother Christmas mouse for my swap Christmas decoration swap partner

Some crochet in shell design. I started this morning due to the fact that I ran out of red for the washcloth below. (  I now have more thread and can complete the last two rows plus borders) It is so annoying when you almost make it and just need a little more yarn to complete the job.

Textured pattern for a wash cloth. I've used double thickness crochet cotton.
The pattern is one row of double crochet and then alternate rows with one double crochet , one treble ..repeat until the end. Pretty simple huh.

I've visited my lovely flower lady to discover she has decided to close shop and today was the last time I would be buying flowers from her. The roses were her gift to me - greenery and pomegranates from the garden.

I will miss her and her lovely flowers :(

 Stay safe and JOY to you and yours


  1. Your little Christmas display is so pretty, the clay stars are a lovely little touch to the art work.

  2. I LOVE the Christmas card :) Clever! We are all decorated here :)

  3. Wow what beautiful flowers x

  4. Oh, those roses are gorgeous, but I love the pomegranates too. And yes, I hate it when you play yarn chicken and loose! :)


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