Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas is upon us

Christmas is barrelling its way around the corner and I haven't thought about it seriously yet. Usually I would have completed some hand made projects to give to my sisters and have commenced purchasing some smaller presents for the children, but this year I have done nothing. And so the Adelaide Christmas Pageant came to town on Saturday and my daughter and I rose early so that we could get a reasonable vantage point to watch the parade. I managed to throw together a Christmassy outfit for Jordy to wear on the morning of the pageant.  I remembered the water bottles but not the hats, at  least we put on sunscreen so we didint fry entirely under the morning sun.
It really is quite a spectacle to see the 150 floats or so and it heralds in the beginning of the silly season. Anyway enjoy the photos

RED noses were handed out to wear to break a record for the most people wearing red noses

The Police Greys announce the start of the pageant and ensure the children are all positioned behind the blue line. Aren't the jacaranda trees in the back ground magnificent?

Ive used a few of last years photos as they were better quality but essentially the same float

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