Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pelican Sculpture of West Beach

I decided to ride my deadly treadly to work today as I had a slightly later start than normal to attend a study day at the hospital. I prepared for the 20 kilometre ride last night and told my son he could use the car to drive to school so long as he picked his younger sister up after school, this way I did not have to worry about Jordy making it home and did not feel the need to hurry home.

Yesterday was a very hot 34 degrees C and I prepared for a hot day forecasted but when I got up this morning the weather had already cooled and intermittent light drizzle was falling. Luckily it did not really rain and my clothes remained dry and I made it to work in record time. I got to work 10 minutes earlier than I normally do and I can assure you my stamina in cycling has not improved that much. I must have had some lucky breaks with the lights.

I love this time of the year when cycling along the Torrens River and every thing is fresh and crisp in the early morning and only a few people are up and about getting their daily exercise. It is lovely to travel along the river through the suburbs and feel like you are out in the country, removed from the rat race.

On my return trip home this afternoon I decided to follow the river all the way to the coast. It added on a few extra kilometres but the ride was well worth it. The river meets the sea at West Beach and today it was truly beautiful. I had remembered to pack my camera today because I particularly love the pelican scuplures that sit aloft the tall poles overlooking the beautiful surrounds. Usually there are a few live pelicans to be found loitering near the fisherman at the mouth of the river waitng for a free feed. these sentile pelicans stand on opposite sides of the bridge crossing the river

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