Monday, 28 November 2011

Wonder, Awe and Aladdin

I always wonder how I manage to get myself involved in projects that seem to escalate without any real serious thought on my behalf. I open my mouth say yes and then seem to be involved in a project that takes up far to much time. Still it does stimulate the creative juices when you get to participate in decorating the ward for Christmas and basically have free reign.

This year the powers that be have decided that we on South 2 And HDU or High dependency unit should at least attempt to win this years ward decorating competition. So a little brain storming by the fearless leaders evolves into presenting the play of Aladdin as a  Christmas theme for the ward. Interesting??

The pantomine of Aladdin apparently originates in China- this I did not know- and involves a washer woman's son whom is pure of heart falling in love with a poor emperors daughter. He goes off in search of treasures in a cave told to him by a greedy wizard whom pretends to be a long lost uncle. The cave only holds a lamp which Aladdin discovers to be magical, he wins his loves hand in marriage and avoids evil. (abbreviated version)

With this story in mind I have begun creating items as backdrops for the "pantomimes"characters whom will the staff photographed and superimposed onto cut out characters of the play. This process is being done by Sonya whom produced the photo compilation for Jacqui's farewell at Port Elliot. (see old post Port Elliot Farewell)
There are four market scenes, a palace scene with the emperor and his daughter, 2 scenes at Aladdins palace, a scene at the washer woman laundry and a scene in the cave. Eight scenes in total but I can cheat and repeat the market scenes. All scenes need to flat and not obstruct traffic through the hospital wards but things can hang form the ceiling!

Dragons to greet visitors to the ward as they enter the Temple doors. I have made two very large temple pillars out of cardboard boxes from lounge furniture packing to cover the doors at the entry to the ward. Ill photograph them when they have been put up.

Following are three market scenes that are yet to be coloured but give a suggestion of shops, pharmacy/perfume, fruits and veg, dolls and crockery - each scene x4 about the size of A3 paper and encapsulated in a large shop front of cardboard.
I'm going to make awnings of material to hang from the ceiling and then there will be Chinese lanterns strung intermittently

More dragon? lion types to stand guard at the palace

 A seat fit for a king/ emperor???

Its a start anyway ...more to come

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