Sunday, 6 November 2011


It is with a sadden heart that I write . My dear brother in law Jack passed away, 6 days ago, only a  few weeks after the passing of his father John OCallaghan. Jack fought a valiant fight against cancer, maintained his dignity and above all strove to live. He was a stubborn  man and persisted in the daily workings of life.  He really didnt want to stop working because he wanted to provide the best for his family. He ensured his apprentice young jack was well prepared to continue his trade and would have support when he was no longer able to give it.
His son Lachlan is a testimony to the type of man Jack was, Lachlan is a well rounded individual, intelligent and has a keen sense of humour like his father. Molly his daughter has grace and character. Jack shines through Molly in that she is a quiet achiever, once she gets going she acts with persistence and diligence but she does it with her own sense of style and creativity.
To Diana my dear sister I grieve for her loss. Her one true love, soul mate, whom challenged and encouraged her to strive to be her best has been lost. Each has met each other  along their journey, offering support and comfort, words of encouragement or criticism where required but with the understanding of love.
Tomorrow we bury Jack but he will not be forgotten

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