Monday, 20 August 2012


Yesterday my son made the observation that I always introduce myself to people by saying "Hi I'm Monique" - in the same tone, always the same!
His observation sounded like a criticism and insinuated that that my approach to introduction was ? boring or treats people like they are idiots because they may have met me before on occasion.

My thought was that I probably always sound the same and say the same thing because on a daily basis at work I introduce myself to people whom are already in a vulnerable position and by being personal from the start allows them to bond/ gain a level of trust as a patient to nurse, reducing some of the formality from the out set of our meeting.
Hospitalisation is always fraught with some level of anxiety. A daily indicator of this is when you take somebodies blood pressure on admission and then compare it four or five hours later, it would have significantly dropped due to adjustment  to surroundings and routines. (Of course observations of temperature pulse and blood  pressure give indication of disease processes and attributable to admission)

So what is considered to be acceptable introduction and in what setting should you introduce formality?
The early turn of the century Jane Austin Era relied upon formal introduction by another acquaintance to be formally acceptable. MR Darcy turned his back on the Pastor whom had not been formally introduced and dared to approach him for introduction without appropriate solicitation.

But in today's modern society what approach and how familiar can we be with people you barely know?
I imagine you learn to read cues from people as to what is broach-able subject matter and in what setting.
In the hospital surroundings people are more willing to divulge information of a personal nature in a endeavour to better their cause and ensure the best care possible. Nurses generally are generous people in nature as well and often share anecdotes / stories regaling tales of their exploits to bemuse and entertain their patients.
 I personally don't think there is anything wrong with telling people who you are, even if they have met you once or twice before. If you're anything like me the passing parade of people can become a blur and introduction is important in re-establishing connection. Heck I'm the first to admit I can't remember your name but I'll be able to tell you what bed you were in five years ago and for what reason. So forgive my blank look, my introduction and go with the flow!

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