Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Woven Brooches

I'm always looking at other peoples blogs and being inspired by what they produce. Often Ill look at one blog and then wander through their blog list and go travelling around the world of blog land. Sometimes I wish I book marked sites more often so that when I utilize an idea I could give credit. That being said ... I saw on someone's blog a reference to another's site where they had woven patches for jeans etcetera and then that person had utilized that idea to produce simple but lovely brooches. I've added one step further by adding a decorative flower to the brooch. So not an original idea but working on that of another...

I picked up some tapestry threads, frame and incomplete long  stitch pattern the other day for four dollars.. unbelievable huh? I really have no desire to complete the tapestry but immediately thought about weaving the threads into brooches.

Its quite relaxing to sit and get into a rhythmic motion of weaving even just for short spurts.

I can't wait to wear my brooch and my dress, but the dress will have to wait until warmer weather.. I purchased this lovely dress in Lazybones sale on line.

I got carried away with the process and played with the colours available. I think I'll head to the brighter colours soon when I next play with weaving

I've just today sourced somewhere where I can buy brooch backings and will go have a look tomorrow.
The one prepared above is wrapped around cardboard and has a woven backing (not very tidy and time consuming to produce)

Quite like the yellow - gives a nice fresh feel

Not to sure about this one but think I'll grab some beads and sew on the flower. Things always look better when they are finished off - but you get the idea right?

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