Sunday, 19 August 2012

Quilt As You Go - A tutorial

For a while now I have been collecting grey and sour green fabric squares with the view of making a quilt as you go quilt. The impetus to start this quilt now is my nephews 21st birthday, which I have already missed and it was always my intention to present each niece and nephew with their own quilt on their 21st - better late than never. Quilting as you go is infinitely faster than hand quilting, although I do enjoy that slow  labour of love. This quilt is a great way to utilize any scrap wadding you may have collected over the years

 The beginnings of the quilt.

I've used the same material to make the backing as for the front. Currently I have approximately 30 differing colours think I'll still need more material as I plan to make 64 squares

The quilt squares measure nine inches when quilt completed

For Green Block

Backing square is 9   1/2 " Green material

Wadding square is 9"

Front pieces :
center block 3  1/2" square  in grey
center outer cut two  3 1/2" square blocks  in green
outer panels cut two  3 1/2 x 9 1/2 " strips in green

Grey Block reverse colours

1.On backing square outer edges mark guide for seams at 1/4 ", then 3" spacing x3, then 1/4"

Pin wadding to backing allowing for 1/4"seam allowance. Wadding tends to move so pinning is essential. Draw lines between texta marks to form grid for seams.

 Place center colour  (grey) with on outer 3 1/2"square on top geen.
 Sew from end to end of backing block across wadding and center square

Open up press seam and pin

Align other centre outer square with centre grey square and follow seam line on backing square from end to end

add outer panel following seam guide line sewing end to end

 Complete grid with last outer panel

Backing will have cross hatch of sewing lines to form grid (nought and crosses board)

To quilt  mark  quilt block as follows

And follow guide for quilting line - its all done on an ordinary sewing machine.

When you've complete the required number of block for your quilt  lay out in order of sewing.
Lay the 2 back sides together and sew allowing 1/4 "seam allowance. the grid lines should meet up on the back and the front of your quilt will have open seams.
Sew together strips of two blocks wide only
The sashing between blocks must be added
I shall continue this tutorial  next instalment- Adding Sashing ( I've run out of time!)

Addit: Many months later and you can find the completed tutorial here and  a view of the completed quilt here.


  1. I love this! So clever! Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. This is just so clever, Monique. I have bookmarked this tutorial.....I must, must stitch a quilt using this method!!


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