Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wear With Freedom -sun dress

Some time ago I purchased the Stylish Dress book : Wear With Freedom. I'd  also bought some lovely patterned material off the bargain table, reminds me a little of Broadhurst prints. The colouring in this material will lend itself nicely to being matched with a cornflower blue cardigan or tee shirt.

I had been hankering to make this little dress for my daughter but as it turns out its not to her taste.

Not to worry my sister said she'd like it although I am dubious as to whether it will fit her but perhaps her daughter might like it.

Once the pattern was cut out it only took an hour and half to sew together, minimal seams and a simple gather in the back. Nice detail with a little frilled collared neckline.

I still love the material and pattern alike even if unappreciated by my daughter. I should know better than to try to convince her to try to like something other than what she chooses.

Well next project is under way. I thought I would make myself a top in a large grey spotted cotton voile. Only trouble is I have to make the pattern a size larger than what is provided. Cross fingers it will fit.

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