Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Bark Painting

Shopping for Christmas presents the other day I parked near a great gum tree. Upon returning to the car I noticed the bark collected under the tree. Lots of the bark had been broken to smaller pieces but a few remained large enough to inspire me to pick it up.

The under side of the bark is reasonably white and the outer has a beautiful brown and white patina, this is what first caught my eye.
So tonight I have pulled out my acrylic inks and dabbled a little in lilies of the pink and white variety.

The bark is quite curved and of course I have decided to photograph it when it is dark, so either one of these things or just my unsteady hand make the painting a little blurred. It was a fun exercise anyway and I have more bark to play with.
I still have to make that lamp that I spied yesterday and Christmas cookies and maybe write a card or two.
Plenty of things to do and time poor! Love a challenge, wonder how much I can do tomorrow as well as catch up with my sister and her children over from Canberra.
Hope your days are filled with excitement!

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