Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Op Shop Finds

My latest op shop find 2 handmade chairs! $18 each
As I took the chairs up to the counter the volunteer in Vinnies told me they just had them valued to sell at $45 each  - yeah  bargain! I took them around to Dad and he offered to buy them from me. I told him he could help me fix them up. Although they are well made the finish on them is less than desirable  Somebody was in a hurry to varnish them and lay the coating of varnish on thick.

Dad did a little sanding and buffing and waxing to show me the finish it could have. So much smoother and a lovely soft lustre  So I'm going around Friday and will start my sanding project. I just have to keep my old man away from them, sometimes he gets carried away with things and thinks he's meant to do the work. A combined collaboration would be fine.
 Also found today some Carlton Ware - Australian design.  I haven't seen this pattern before. The glaze is two toned yellow and pale brown. The piece has lots of fine crazing over it but no chips. I think it will make a nice cherry bowl for Christmas.
 Speaking of Cherries.. I found some Alfred Meakin cups saucers and egg cups 12 pieces for $15 but went into Vinnies on a day when they had 50% off bric a brac - Bargain !!!

 From the same shop a couple of weeks ago an opal pendant and pair of earrings - I hummed and haared over these wondering if I would wear them but really haven't taken them off since buying the set. $25 well spent then and happy Christmas to me (a little early but you have to buy when you see something you like!)
 My pieces of Australia Design Carlton Ware
 Bought this because it was green, love green ware!!
Happy shopping..

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