Sunday, 23 December 2012

Calypso Beads Necklace - Giveaway

A last minute dash to make handmade gifts has seen me churn out some lovely summer flavoured beads in calypso colours.
Lovely wearable art , clay beads in summery colours and leather strapping to bring it all together. The beads have a stone like quality and give a pop of colour to any outfit.

 I found the clay quite hard to roll and ended up with really sore palms by the end of my rolling session. Obviously I don't do enough manual labour!

Stringing the beads required hollowing out the centres because I chose to thick a leather strapping but I think that the thicker strapping gives a strong support to the chunkiness of the beads. Finer leather just didn't cut it and had a washy look about it.

I also have not planned on having party nails this Christmas season as my thumb nail is totally ruined by trying to open the split rings for the clasps. Oh well I hope the girls will appreciate them. I'll probably have a few left over, nothing is ever made in small quantities with me. Perhaps a give away and maybe sell a few!. Nope I'll just give one of each away. Leave a comment here with contact details and post on your blog about the give away and Ill draw the lucky two winners on the 2nd of January 2013 Closing 10 pm Adelaide time South Australia. I'll post the winner on the 3rd of January 2013.
Happy Christmas everyone!!

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