Sunday, 9 December 2012

Purple to Pink

Hydrangeas are such beautiful flowers. Lacy projections and pink pompoms of colour. Inspiration
enough to start carving a stamp or at least drawing one up before heading off to work
My hydranea plant is doing really well this year and I think thanks might have to go to my husband, David whom has taken an interest in the front garden and has fed the poor deprived plants that have managed to survive the year. I'm  good at planting and watering but that is as far as it goes

Following a theme of pink to purple I have finally taken a photo of the crochet project I am currently working on. My daughter asked for some time ago a blanket for herself. I actually started one in rainbow colours but that got converted to a baby blanket out of desperation and she prefers these colours and pattern having picked them herself. One ball of colour per strip, pretty easy and a no brainer when it comes to crocheting. I intend on doing a purple lacy surround for interest and to make the blanket a little wider.

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  1. Love hydy's. Just thinking of planting a couple in our garden. Your blanket is looking lovely too.


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