Saturday, 6 April 2013

Designing a new stamp

I really love the shape of the fan and am partial to circular shapes. I nearly always doodle in circles and add leaves and vine as I doodle. I do this particularly whilst listening to handover at work, you will find my hand stray to the edges of my sheet and fill in the white voids with pattern. Just amusing my hand whilst my mind focuses on the job at hand!

Today, whilst waiting for Jordana to complete her Maui board training with her surf life saving group, I sat down at the club coffee shop with my sketch book, pens and pencils and my Kaffe Fassett quilt book - Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts.(and ordered a large ice coffee).

1.sea urchin by monique'smess 2.3.4. Kaffe Fassett patterrn  5. Water & Sewage man hole 6.Kaffe Fassett inspiration 7.working on my pattern 8.Kaffe Fassett inspiration 9. linoprint by me
 I'm sure I must provide some amusement to all the beach goers as I spread myself out at the table underneath the umbrella and draw, rub and cut out shapes trying to find the perfect curve, adjusting a line and experimenting with pattern.
I was trying to design a shape that could be layered one on top of another to form  multiple fan shapes and then in another pattern fit in a square with leaves and form a circle.

I have also been out walking in the OHallaran Hill Reserve and photographed the golden light and colour.
The light was very sun drenched as the sun prepared to tuck away for the night bouncing the last rays for the day giving a spectacular display. Don't you just love thistles? Purple or dried they are spectacular plants, strong and bold limbs and  leaves but soft and gentle looking crowns. They make a statement wherever you find them.
Orange bugs on threaded pompoms!
 Even the greys spoke loudly in these gumnuts..

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  1. Doesn't nature just amaze with it's shapes and colours.
    Love the new designs you're working on.


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