Sunday, 7 April 2013

Fan Stamp

Yesterday I started to make plans for a new stamp.
I wanted to produce a fan shape that would fit in rows and also be able to print a circle or repeat pattern with, (something like below.)
I've abandoned the idea of the zigzag line through the fan shape for the moment, at least until I can perfect the shape of the fan first and opted for plant life. It was just too hard to get the spacing right.  After meandering through some of my old pages I was quite taken by an ink drawing and thought it would lend itself to being carved in a stamp block.

And this is what I came up with. My curve is not quite right , it was right when I drew it but somewhere in the carving process my curve became very slightly off, so maybe I will have to chip a little off and try to improve the curve or just start again. Starting again will have to wait until I have more rubber blocks to carve.

That little effort took me all afternoon to do! And my stamping ink isn't very evenly spread as I used a sponge but as an overall effect it is quite pleasing to the eye. Still have to produce the leaf stamp and trial it together with the fan shape....always tomorrow because I dont have to go to work... yeh!!!!

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