Thursday, 11 July 2013


 A lovely sunny winters day.. so sunny I took my cup of tea and sewing outside to enjoy the rays.
I love the light in winter, the sun hangs a little lower and dapples through the trees with more of a brilliant glint. In summer the sun is so harsh and almost berates you for venturing outside, scolding you   with its heat and glare.
So although the daylight hours are shorter it is a pleasure to spend a few of them out doors when it is sunny.
Don't you think the center of my flower is like a little burst of sunshine.

This is one of the prints I did for the handprinted fabric swap and I have decided to utilize it for a center block for a quilt for my niece for her 21st birthday. Of course I wont complete it on time but all good things come to those that here to view blog post on handprinted fabric swap

 It's school holiday time here. A couple of days ago Jordy, Sophie and I headed off to the city markets for a wander around and then a feed in chinatown. These girls love to take snaps of themselves - maily pulling faces but occcassionally you get a sensible photo.

 A Stall in the market obviously thought they were pretty cool... so did the girls although Jordy doesn't particularly like mushrooms.

Yesterday we went to Harndorf to go op shopping and then onto Maccesfield for lunch. Girls drew on the table cloth (White paper) and also critique their meal

 Shaunnah and Jordy giggling
 And being stupid
 Fun girls... I get the pleasure of their company again tomorrow. If it doesnt rain we are off to and adventure playground complete with flying foses, castle (timber fort) and huge slippery slides....fingers crossed it doesnt rain.

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  1. Looks like everyone was having a good time. Love the stitch detail you did on the printed fabric-it adds dimension!


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