Friday, 12 July 2013

Mid Year Sampler - June - The Month That Was

Better late than never .... June Sampler for the month that was.
1. Bird life on the Onkaparinga River South Australia. 2. Brighton Jetty South Australia. 3. Op Shop renovation, telephone table 4. hot water bottle cover. 5. waffle weave crochet cushion. 6, Jordana's sunflower printing 7. Bobble cushion 8. Sunset at Brighton 9. crochet bed socks

and more photos from Handorf...lots more

1 &2 charity op shop Handorf -pretty bunting 3 & 4 Handorf The Old Mill - good fun in summer to sti outside and drink beer

1 &2 lovely cafe settings to relax and eat,,, 3 wagon 4 Old Mill stonework

1.0Great worn paint wall.2 the old well 3. model sheep outside sheepskin and wool wear shop. 4. pretty fronted yellow cafe

 1. A big lick 3. German Arms  Hotel - act like your german ancestor 4. lolly shop - lots of cute milk bottles full of lollies

Lunching it in Maccesfield

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