Friday, 5 July 2013

Op Shopping and other treats

An op shop adventure some time ago lead me to find this lovely curved phone table buried underneath a pile of books, doilies and knick knacks. I was taken by its shape and bought it without inspecting the overall condition of the table. Its original colour was a deep cherry red and some of the laminate was in need of replacement. I bought the cupboard as a holiday project but made the fatal mistake of dropping it off in Dad's work shed. (I knew he wouldn't be able to help himself)

Within two days he had it stripped back to bare bones and then set about straightening the table so it wasn't twisted anymore (something I wouldn't have worried about because I dont have the skill for it) He spent some time sourcing new laminate  and cleaned the metal side table support. I enjoyed watching Dad's progress and enjoyed my time on holidays without the sanding and hard yakka that I had planned for myself .

It took some convincing to let Dad know that I like the natural wood colour over a stain - Dad really is of an era where everything was painted in mission brown and stained in middle brown colours - nothing wrong with this twenty years ago but I think I have gotten over it..

Inside the chest the original colour.

My brother has since claimed this beauty for his new property in Port Broughton SA. I was happy to give him something he liked as he is always fixing our cars at next to no cost, such a generous man.

Some other little bedside tables I spied op shopping last week with my brothers farm house in mind. $60 each

These little table were cheap and a little effort to remove the backing piece would render a really nice little bedside table -They would look lovely in white dont you think... only $40 for the two..mmm thinking about it.


I liked the bed head- only a double bed size - for $20

 On the home front ...... my daughter and I decided to forgo takeaway night and steer to something a little healthier tonight. To be honest I am putting on too much weight and I can no longer put off the inevitable - lose it or carry it to the grave. So we made some chicken balls with fresh salad

Two chicken breast fillets minced, one grated zucchini, one grated carrot, finely chopped mint leaves about four. Mix it all up, roll into balls and coat with sesame seeds. bake in the oven until golden brown

And  lastly some lovely work by the talented Jordana... love the girls patterning skills


  1. You'll have to go into business with your Dad. you can do the sourcing of the pieces and your Dad can do the restoration.
    The bed head for $20- wow. such a lovely shape. x

  2. You've inspired me to keep looking for old instead of new. Love the patterning as well, such talent!!!


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