Thursday, 10 July 2014

Bali Mountain Ride - UBUD

A quick visual tour through the mountain to UBUD and a stop  in a coffee plantation and family compound on the way down the mountain.

Balinese bus driver with offering on the dashboard.

Interesting what you see just outside the window. everything whizzs by within inches!

Beautiful volcanic landscapes near Ubud.-  3 craters

The sisters: Diana and Yolanda

Fruit stalls with pyramid formation

cocoa fruit ripening and the yellow one ready to be picked

snake fruit : tastes like a hard pear

Flowering shoot

coffee plantation

Love the patterned mosaic work on the tiles

coco being made

selection of coffee for the tasting- some teas too

Multitude of temples along the roads

 Decorations for weddings (Apparently whilst we were in Bali there were multiple marriages happening on two very lucky days too be married)

 Kids - the same the world over!


 temples in the family compound

 Colourful women - love the basketry

 Rice paddies
Carrying bags on the head

 Harvesting rice

 This is my favourite photo of the whole trip. It speaks volumes. resting up against the rice and sheltering from the hot sun

 Banyan tree, more than 500 years old

 Cycling through the different villages with small temples the whole way down the mountain

 Political elections, banners and flags even in the mountains

 Tourists everywhere! (including me- not on the motorbike but on a bike)

Cleaning the chicken cart in the river

And that is the end of the cycling day in UBUD


  1. Great pictures, such a beautiful country.
    What I like best: the fruitstal (the fruits seem painted and handcrafted), the 2 sisters (Diana and Yolande) that look very much alike (their mouth) the 2 women with the baskets on their head (so pretty), all the colours of the temples. WOW.
    Bali HAS to be one of my next destinations.

  2. Gorgeous photos Monique. I'm guessing you took a few!! What a stunning country with so much to delight the eyes. How colourful is that fruit and the patterned baskets, just beautiful. I must admit I love the motor bike and the side thinks I need one!!

  3. aren't you lucky to experience all of that! Great photos and thank you for sharing with us.


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