Saturday, 26 July 2014

I have finally found the cord that connects the camera to the computer ( It has only taken two weeks). For some reason my computer won't download pictures directly from the SD card or it takes too long and then conks out in the process - anyway back on line now.

The above photos are a result of attending the craft and quilting fair. MMM ...made lots of purchases. It is the first time in ages that I have made material purchases without having a specific  purpose in mind and may I say I went a little crazy. I bought a sashiko  print and threads and proceeded to complete this panel within 24 hours. Think I may be a little hooked. I have a nice little stash of Japanese prints in my cupboard that I may make a bag with or maybe I will just do a few more panels of embroidery . I went down to the local library and now have several patterns to try. Today i also bought some white markers/pencils for pattern transfer

Below a couple of photos from the garden. It is pretty wet and cold here at the moment and usually there is moss growing on the back fence palings, which will soon need replacing as they appear to be rotting away.


  1. OH! The Sashiko piece is beautiful!! LOVE! Looks like you did go a little crazy. . . crazy good though :D

  2. Your embroidery is stunning. I've spied a bit of this style around interest and would love to try it one day.
    Ohh isn't the moss pretty. x

  3. yay for finding that pesky cord! I hate when I misplace stuff. Lovely moss in the photos-I think moss is beautiful and a joy to capture. Pretty quilting :)


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