Friday, 1 August 2014

I See Red

1. I begged some flowers from my friends garden - Australian natives , love the colour they complement my ugly vase really nicely
2. 3. Blossoms - ornamental cherry bush
4. 5. Spied this little cheeky fella through the kitchen window just after taking photos of the blossoms - I think it is a yellow wattle bird I'll have to check with my mum * she knows all the birds
5. pink flamingos at the florist on Prospect Rd.
6. Kangaroo paw in bloom


  1. Gorgeous blooms to brighten a wintry, freezing day!! My garden is comatose under a layer of ice!!

  2. love your red theme, my mom and dad had flamingos in their yard just like those! Good times :) Love the bird whoever he is!


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