Monday, 25 August 2014

Hottie Cover

My recent collection of tapestry skeins  whilst op shopping has compelled me to make a hot water bottle cover. I think that my thinking had been influenced by Kate at Foxes Lane with her hot water bottle hook along. Anyway I must have purchased these tapestry colours with this in mind as the very next day after purchase I proceeded to become absorbed in my little hooky project.
Sometimes I think I become so consumed with the desire to complete something that I ignore all else and  tend to enjoy hiding in my bedroom whiling away the hours quietly (or sitting in the sunshine as I did on Saturday)

I became a little more flamboyant with the use  of colour towards the end.. grabbing whatever thread was large enough to make a few rounds around the neck of the bottle as I was getting low on threads by then. The flowers were a last minute addition and a nod to spring .

I have found a bag full of colourful bright tapestry threads in my cupboard and think a bright cover might be underway.


  1. Oh my this is so pretty. Love the colours and what a cool design. Love the buttons at the bottom.

  2. Now I've come to think about it: who needs a hotie in spring?

    This country is moving towards Autumn, quick, send the hottie over here, in a few weeks we will be very desperate for it.

    A few posts ago, you mentioned that I inspired you but just now YOU have inspired me
    (and after this we can start all over again)

  3. visiting from crazy mum quilts. Love the cover.

  4. Pretty and practical. It's autumn here, so I'd say you're ready for winter, but spring nights can be cold too!

  5. Crocheting the day away... crocheting as a way of creating this wish. I don't think you were too flamboyant as I love the whole cover, bottle neck and all. Beautiful colors!

  6. Such a great idea! I'm definitely going to try this! Its Spring now so hot water bottles are obsolete, I guess..(only for a 3 months or so!)Nonetheless, I can still store it for Winter :)
    Andrea // CocoDrizzle


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