Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Floral Abundance

A posy of colour coming your way today. After hooking the hottie cover with tapestry wools I decided to pull out the rest of the wool and make something a little more colourful.After producing a few spoked flowers I realised that I just didn't have the volume or variety of colour that I wanted and needed. I could have headed off to Spotlight to purchase balls of wool, but to get the variety in colour  it would have cost a small fortune. I have plenty of acrylic color in bright assortment of colour but prefer the feel of wool (especially if the item  to be made is to be worn in the vicinity of the neck and shoulders). So I toddled off to the op shop where i purchased the green and blue tapestry wools at a reasonably cheap price and basically bought up every colour they had that was bright. 45 skeins of brightly coloured yarns for floral inspiration Yeh! I dropped in to a few of the other thrift shops and also purchased the jug I had spied the other day but didn't buy because I felt I had spent enough money....I still liked it and today couldn't resist.

The spoked wheel flower (as I am calling it) is partially from a vogue pattern for the giant motif shawl that I have made in the past. I decided to utilize the central motif and then try to hook it up as I produced each flower wheel  -  low and behold it works

I also purchased some chrysanthemums and carnations to pop into my new vase. They have really long stems and in the end I didn't have the heart to cut them right down to fit in the vase. Over the next couple of days as I trim them and they become shorter I will plonk them in the vase to enjoy both flowers and jug

Love my delicious "new":  Johnston Jug!
Cheers and blessings xx


  1. both the Johnston jug, and the colourful flowers are pretty.

    Why is it called Johnston? The 'real'flowers match the jug very well. I also like your wool in the jug, It is almost a piece of art.

    1. It is actually a Johnson Brothers jug (England) named "pastorale toile de jouy" (made a bit of a typo error). Enjoying my flowers!

  2. I loved how you photoed the yarns :) love the crochet goodness that is just billowing over in this post!

    1. Thanks Karen..,I'm enjoying hooking the yarn , it is nice to have plenty of variety to play with. Been a bit crochet mad in the last few days!


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