Saturday, 9 August 2014

Aldinga Scrub , South Australia

As promised a quick tour through the scrub land of Aldinga. You walk out of the car and within 3 meters you are in the bush, another few meters and without a path you would have no idea where you were, just dense thicket and grasses. (Moral of the story is dont wander off the path)

As you see the soil, and I use that term loosely, is sandy in nature. It is really pleasant walking here during winter- no flies, really green and cool - without the hot sun pummeling down on you. The Australian sun in summer is scorching, dry and takes your breath away with is fierceness. Our bush is often scrappy looking and struggles to find its footing in the soil, so only the hardiest of plants survive and are drought tolerant.

Australian grasses with tall spires - couldn't find the name for it just yet ..I can tell you what it is not! it is not a spinifex or black-boy or yukka

  Can you spot the bee on this spire above?
 Pretty cool looking towers!

 Banksia- driedpods

 Golden wattle, just beginning to flower

 Weedy growth - thought the little pods looked like little flying saucers


Thats my 30 minute walk in a nutshell!


  1. I love the muted greens in the last photo, in contrast to the green grass just two photos earlier.

  2. Dear Monique,

    What a nice walk. Nature looks so pretty.
    Is the golden wattle the same flower that we call "mimosa"?

    I totally agree with your remark about Tanzania and Bali. Visiting countries in which you have to leave your comfort zone behind, puts your own way of living in perspective indeed. Furthermore, you appreciate a ot more the stuff you have at home, don't you?


    (at this moment in the South of France, no leaving comfort zone here, on the contrary :)


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