Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Bali Hi & 50th Winner

Just  a quick glimpse at the first days of my Bali adventure
(I'll take you to the mountains tomorrow)

First day in Bali and the longest stroll EVER. What started out as a walk on the beach turned into a 10 hour trek through stalls, shops and suburbs. From Legian to Double 66 loop around to Seminyak and then a taxi to Kuta....then walk and walk and walk some more. My calves were aching the next day - just as well we booked in for a 5 hour luxury packed massage/ pamper session because I dont think I could have done that again!
i love the colour of Bali!
Its everywhere you turn. Beach front and shops = colour

The tiniest crabs - millions of them!

What became a favourite breakfast spot in  Seminyak - Sea Circus cafe- good healthy food and bright cheery surrounds. Really lovely art works and pottery and unusually palatable coffee = coffee love

Unusual but clean toilets with artful wash basin...the hand towels are a nice touch

Anywhere in Bali involves traffic of all kinds. Check out the power  lines! Everywhere  a mass of cables and the electrical work is done on the ground with the multitudes walking straight past..live wires and tourists!
We saw young Balinese texting - passenger and driver on a bike whilst crossing the busiest intersection totally oblivious to the onslaught of traffic. We watched a pedestrian get hit by a bike on the edge of a road (we were in a car several lanes over) and a dog on a lead being pulled by a driver on a bike ( the dog distressingly got cleaned up by a parked motorbike). On the flip side the taxi drivers all were calm and slow and gave way willingly - nobody was in a hurry

Bikes below riding up on the curb to avoid traffic. One Way streets become two way - the old and the new clash. Bikes are laden with the most unbelievable things in the most precarious ways
Offerings on the dash board of the bus  and below a cart for carrying chickens to market being cleaned in the river.

To be continued....

And the winner is Karen for my 50th Birthday surprise!

PS had the best time ever with my two sisters! The Best!


  1. Yay! I won :) Sisters are the best aren't they? I have one and I treasure her dearly. Lovely photos and I'm gonna email you shortly.

  2. Wow! My mouth is still open.
    Gorgeous pictures.
    You are having the time of you life obviously.

    I guess Bali really is Paradise for a tissue lover such as yourself. Heaps of it?

    Looking forward to the rest of your story.....!


  3. Oh my goodness, colours do abound in Bali don't they. What a fascinating place to visit. Those electrical wires look a tad precarious......and the traffic...wow!! Your photos are amazing...can't wait till the next instalment!! Welcome back!!


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