Monday, 14 July 2014

Mixed Bag

I was a little excited to come home from work this evening and find the postman had delivered a copy of Down Under Quilts magazine. Some time ago Linda Robertus had asked if I would like to contribute some photos of my rainbow monkey quilt for the animal quilts addition. I happily sent in some photos and a blurb thinking that maybe one photo would be included, but to my surprise  I got two pages all to! It is a great compliment and I feel pretty chuffed!

Speaking of animals : My son Caleb, my husband and a group of friends went on a fishing charter near Whyalla, South Australia. It was a very successful expedition as they bagged out (got their allocated quoted of fish) in a very short time , by 0730 in the morning. We now have a very impressive haul of snapper in the freezer, some fresh to cook for dinner tomorrow night and even the neighbours were given a portion of fish. I love fresh fish- there is nothing like freshly caught fish- I wont eat shop bought any more. My family have ruined me for life. They are impressive looking snapper, are they not?

And lastly a couple of animals of a different kind. Check out this monster cake my daughter and her friend made. It gives me sore teeth just looking at it...choc lovers delight!

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  1. Congratulations on your monkeys in the magazine.
    You must be so proud!

    The monkeys really deserve to be printed, they are wonderful.

    I also like the pictures of the fishermen and the one of the girls with the cake. which one is your daughter? The brown-eyed or the blue-eyed girl?
    How old are your children?

    Have a nice week this week,



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