Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Back Over The Hill

Yup. I've been out walking again. A storm is predicted overnight (thats not good news if you want to go cherry picking - which is what I was hoping to do tomorrow -not going to happen) Anyway the change in weather is beginning to show in the evening sky tonight although it remains very mild in temperature. I started my walk at 8.15pm this evening. Still enough light to take a few photos and the light is interesting as it throws a glow over the hill face.

Now I apologise for the number of sky shots tonight but every time I turned a corner the light had changed with the landscape.

A warm glow throwing orange light onto drying seed heads

A succession of shots and drawing in focus

And back to visit the thistles. Dont they look different in the softened lights of the evening sky, a little more orange with the purple. Already the heads have changed

This one is a favourite.. I love the veil of browny pink of the grasses and the iridescent purple in this light

fuzzy seed heads

All of that in half an hour

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  1. so beautiful and serene, I could do a lot of thinking while there. I haven't forgotten you or your socks, after the holidays we can email back and forth and start!!!

  2. Wow!! Sublime photos, Monique. How majestic are those shots of the heavens...quite simply spectacular!

  3. Those clouds! The light! the shadows! This is what Constable and Turner were looking at when painting their masterpieces!


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