Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November - The Month That Was

Wow another year almost over, not just another month. I am really glad for this photographic diary otherwise I feel I would never have done anything. Looks like a colourful month but really only captures a few moments in time. I haven't included a day on the beach snorkelling because I didn't take photo but it was magnificent and the fish were fun to look at, or construction of Ikea furniture twice...two days of merciless screwing together of bolts for someone else- never again! and lots and lots of paper cutting for the ward decorations- currently only half done. I haven't included op shop days and purchases and also a few days of being sick. Really it was a busy month. I gained weight urggh! Too many dinners out and too many glasses of wine ( really never too many but my waist is telling me so)
Well heres to hoping for another eventful but sake month. Cheers!

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  1. So many moments of time captured in your gorgeous mosaic. Time slips by so quickly. That is the lovely thing about blogging; it helps to remind us of all those little things we seem to forget a li'l too easily.....especially if we have the odd tipple or two!!


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