Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking (our first time) at Marble Hill

Such attractive animal life in the cherry orchard

 Yolly must have got a pit in her eye (After I taught the kids how to cherry pit spit!)

We picked over 6 kilograms of cherries and probably ate just as many
 The bright red cherries are morello cherries, they look beautiful but are sour cherries for cooking.

                        Cheeky and flamboyant attire worn in the cherry orchard, what a monkey.

How many kilos of cherries did we eat? Some people obviously ate too many because tummy grumbles could be heard in the car and some were none to pleasant to sit near!

                          Some of the most attractive people are found cherry picking!


  1. looks like you all had fun! When I was a teen we lived in a house that had one cherry tree and we would try to beat the birds to the cherry picking. The cherries were so sour but when baked in a pie with lots of sugar, well then, it was delicious!!

  2. I absolutely adore all this cheerful pictures. Especially the ones with the round cheeks. Seems like a lot of fun.
    And the weather you guys are having! Unbelievable.
    For the last two days we have been staying with the sisters and brothers of my husband on a sort of family reunion in the higher part of Belgium. We had quite a lot of snow.
    Today we drove back home, and the closer we came, the less snow. Here nothing at all.

    I took a picture of you from a very pretty book and your home town is in it. I'll send it to you by mail.

    Have a nice weekend,



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