Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Jam Jar Cover- Spring On A Jar

I picked these flowers yesterday on the walk over the hill and unceremoniously dumped them in a vase. i quite like a wild arrangement, a bit like my personality - all over the shop. Enough said about that.
I made a few little sweet flowers grouped them together and voila - top made.

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  1. so beautiful! love the pinkness and the little flowers :)

  2. I am glad I am not the only one with a wild personality!
    Nice flowers, both in real life as in crochet. Well done, girl!

  3. Dear Monique,

    Work is terrible at this time of the year and there's also the constant voyage between Blogger and Instagram, and housework and schoolwork...... so that 's the reason why I forgot (or rather didn"t find the time) to thank you properly for the winning of the Kathy Doughty book.
    I am very very happy with it (there IS an English word for what I am trying to say but I'd have to look it up.....something with exhila... and then something else..;)

    I am really looking forward to the quiltbook because I have a new project in mind (all kinds of white tissues with embroided flowers will be cut in pieces) and I can certainly use some inspiration.
    So thank you, a 10000 times!


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