Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ecclectic Week

Its been one of those weeks where I've done a bit of everything in between working. I continue with the neutral squares blanket , but tend to get a little bored after a while. So I Have deviated with crochet and made a few stars -still in the neutral tones because I was too lazy to get out of bed and find some other coloured wools.

I made a lovely stack of jams the day after I went blackberry picking. The colour is really vibrant red  -I think because they were such early picked berries. When testing the jam the dolloped blob of jam came out looking like a bird...I just added legs
The other fella is a friendly chap we saw today at Mount Compass....the ladies in the bakery there feed him daily so he is a very friendly magpie. Yes, I went blackberry picking again and once again my arms and legs are scratched to death...what a girl will do for a decent jam!

 We picked in a few different spots and found one lovely shady area that will be great to pick under in hot weather. On a small off road / side road there was a large felled tree. Its huge base is exposed with lots of dirt still attached. Growing out of the base were these fungi...  don't they make wonderful pictures. Its almost like a sea sponge.
Fungi are not a common sight in out hot  dry climate and usually only seen in the damper weather - winter mainly.

 Bought a few flowers today - real and of the pottery kind
and added to the glass bear collection


  1. There's nobody who captures fabulous nature shots quite like you, Monique! Wow, that's a lot of jam....I feel like a crumpet with your jam oozing everywhere right now. You mentioned Mt Compass.....funnily enough I was at a neighbour's barbeque the other night and she had a visitor who lives at Mt Compass. Love your pot with that amazing flower...AND....of course gotta love dahlias......ours are blooming a pretty show at the moment.

  2. eclectic and fun! I enjoy seeing what you see and what you have been up to these days :)

  3. The fungi seem something from out of space, the alien kind.

    As I am an eclectic woman myself, I absolutely adore your eclectic writings and pictures. Dahlia's are in my top-5 of most loved flowers. I don't think we can get them here at this time of the year
    Also love your bird blob very much. It inspires me. I have been thinking about painting figures on china, and now that I see your blob, I am even more sure (who can give me some TIME please?)

    The baker's magpie is great. He looks very cute and wise at the same time.

    I hate to say "I told you so" but neutral coloured granny's are no fun at all while crocheting them, But just hold on, girl, you'll be ever so happy once your quilt is ready. The result will be fabulous, just endure being bored some more weeks, it is all for the bigger goal!

    There. You were my diversion/distraction for the day.
    Now I have to continue doing some research into the Young Adult Novel., (I would rather crochet some neutral coloured granny's, no joke)

    Have a nice day,



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