Saturday, 31 January 2015

Spoon Progress

Be prepared for spoonlishous photos
(or being bored to tears)

This is kind of my tah- dah moment with my spoon.

I've gone as far as I can for now and may i say I am pretty pleased. .

It is so thrilling to whittle and sand a piece of wood and see it develop into something so tactile and pleasing to the touch. This lump of wood also has the most fragrant smell. You can smell the eucalyptus seeping out of the wood and it fills the air each time you cut into the wood. It also permeates into the car when driving to dads place to show him my progress and ask what to do about the burr hole in the side of the spoon. Oh such bliss from such a time consuming pursuit.
This is my reaction to taking a piece of wood and making something I desired.
Alternatively , my husband's interest peaked at ïs that what you've been doing all afternoon?"- not really impressed at all. But he hasn't had the same involvement with said wood and hasn't formed an attachment of any kind. Really you can go and buy a 99 cent lump of wood which will do exactly the same thing.

I've got to say I spent some time sanding this little gem and it is as smooth as a babies bum!

Just a side shot comparing the depth of my spoon compared to the 99 cent variety. Looking at my cheap spoon makes me want to go and give it a good sanding.

So next job is to head down to the hardware store and buy a filler suitable to use in a spoon that will expand with washing and wont need coating (so that I can oil the spoon later) or this might just become a decorative spoon.

 My other project that I mentioned doing is this....yeah I know something as boring as knitting. Well it is boring for me but I was determined that I would be able to knit in the round and after four attempts at casting on using four needles I finally got started. Once underway things aren't so bad. The colours are nice and bright and I did get a bargain buying each ball for 50 cents ... having spent so much money on thread I felt obliged to do something with it... so a  pair of socks it is (or one sock if it doesn't fit my big feet- which will become a Christmas stocking of sorts!). Anyway it is a project also of time wasting proportions because I am such a slow and if you were watching me, painful knitter to observe. There is nothing coordinated about the way I knit. Gamme handed ! Only time will tell about this one!


  1. Your husband has no soul!! Your spoon is lovely....I am very impressed, Monique. How long did this spoon take to create; not that time has anything to do with art. Quite frankly there is no comparison to your lovely spoon to the 'el cheapo' comparison at all; yours is a beauty!

    1. Ive already written a reply via my phone but thought to add that the spoon took two afternoons ( maybe 6 hours in between faffing around) but I wasn't in any hurry to do anything!

  2. that spoon is incredible! I am amazed at your newly acquired skill :) Are you going to do more? I bet! and your sock looks lovely, if you are on size 2 (US) and cast on about 68 stitches they SHOULD fit. if you are under 68 stitches then it might be iffy. I was going to message you about sock making, but maybe your making your own. If you still want to barter and have a pair of socks let me know.


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